Thursday, April 07, 2005

away for a bit

if you follow my blog, you may realize why I've been absent from posting blogs on this one. We're moving to Oklahoma in the next month. So I am adding blogs but will have to do a big announcement one day when I can get some time at a local library and a better computer.

Reminder to any who are joining the queue: I can't put you in the ring until the code is up and running in a permanent location (not in a post) on the front page of your blog. Thanks!


Blogger said...

Welcome to Oklahoma!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Badger539 said...

If you are living now in Oklahoma, you might know where Ponca City is. I was baptised and confirmed at Grace Church.

You recently added a blog that is so extremist in opinion, I find it disturbing. I do not think you should be promoting it by including it in the web ring. Is there a way to communicate my concerns to you privately?

My email is


8:13 PM  

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