Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ring housekeeping

I'm starting this week to prune our blog ring by removing those that have been idle for a number of months. (April 1 is my cut-off date). If you are removed, you can always reapply. There is nothing personal, but it is important that the ring contain fresh information and (somewhat) regularly updated blogs.


Blogger Mark Shneour said...

I am brand new to this BLOG, but not so much to newsgroups and the like. (I'm a big fan of Yahoo Groups.)

Anyway, I am not an advocate of censorship, but do agree that group "moderation" is important -- procedurally, if not substantively.

With that said, go get 'em tiger! What we need (here, and in life and in love) is ACTIVE PARTICIPATION.

I have now set myself for critique. Ah, the horror. The horror....

Mark Shneour

12:44 AM  

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